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Working Group on Asian German Studies in Music: Call for Participation

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      John Gabriel

      We are excited to announce a new—largely online-based—working group on Asian German Studies in Music within the International Musicological Society (IMS) Global Music History Study Group. Building on the emerging field of Asian German Studies, this working group focuses on the study of musics from a global history perspective. We define ‘Asian’ and ‘German’ broadly to include the Asian continent and the Indo-Pacific sphere and their peoples in the diasporas, and we consider the German-speaking worlds both in Europe and beyond. In the process, we seek connections and aim to test the boundaries of ‘Asianness’ and ‘Germanness’ by asking questions about the global production and circulation of culture, ideology, and power.  We will begin with a quarterly virtual reading group of both published scholarship and works-in-progress. In time, we envision our activities to include conference panel organisation, study days and/or conferences, and joint publications.  Our first two reading group sessions will take place on 1 March and 1 June at 8.30 am UTC, respectively. Prior to the IMS2022 Congress in Athens there will also be a pre-conference meeting of the working group, held online on 8–9 August 2022. (Members of the working group are also warmly invited to attend the IMS Global Music History Study Group’s Session during the IMS2022 Congress on 22–26 August; the exact day and time are soon to be announced in the published congress programme.)  We welcome participation by researchers at all career stages and from all spheres, including by students, scholars from musicology-adjacent disciplines, and arts practitioners. Please contact John Gabriel <john.gabriel@unimelb.edu.au> and Amanda Hsieh <amanda.Hsieh@durham.ac.uk> for expression of interest and/or further enquiry. IMS membership is encouraged but not required.

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