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Welcome to the MSA Forum!

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      Frederic Kiernan

      This is the first post on the MSA Forum. Seems to work! Now it’s your turn 🙂

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      Robert James STOVE

      Hooray. I’ve now gained access to this forum.

      At first, for some reason, I kept getting 404 messages on my screen when I attempted to log on. Puzzling.

      But then – remembering how my parents used to repair most of our TV set’s problems by the simple expedient of turning the telly off and banging on the top of the set – I turned off my own laptop, restarted it, and thereafter was mysteriously able to obtain the MSA Forum access which had eluded me earlier. Yay.

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      Leighton Harold Geoffrey Triplow

      Thank you for setting this up! 

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      Christina Green

      Thank you for setting this up. Looking forward to seeing it grow from here.

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