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      Hollis Taylor


      We are currently looking for two PhD or MRes Year 2 + PhD candidates to investigate any topic related to the environmental humanities that explores cultural, social, or ecological contexts of multi-species sonic environments. This could include field recordings, music composition, sound art, radio broadcast/podcast, soundscape ecology, and/or soundscape studies. Projects could, for example, focus on an aspect of human-animal relationships or storytelling, and might include complimentary methods such as interviews or ethnography.This scholarship has been allocated as part of Dr Hollis Taylor’s ARC funded research project: The Music of Nature and the Nature of Music.Successful candidates will join the Environmental Humanities Research Stream in the Faculty of Arts and will be located in the Department of Geography and Planning.


      This scholarship is available to eligible candidates to undertake either an MRes Year 2 and three-year PhD bundle scholarship or a direct entry three-year PhD scholarship, in accordance with the entry requirements for these programs.

      Scholarship Components

      The scholarship is comprised of a Living Allowance Stipend and a Tuition Fee Offset scholarship. The value and tenure of the stipend scholarship is at the full-time rate of $28,092 per annum (2020 rate, tax exempt for up to 3 years and indexed annually).

      Contact Details

      Name: Dr Hollis Taylor
      Email: hollis.taylor@mq.edu.au

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