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      Sarah Kirby

      Musicology Australia is pleased to announce the publication of issue 42/2, a special issue guest edited by Aaron Corn and Clint Bracknell on Indigenous Music and Dance. This issue marks the establishment of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia (NRPIPA) as a Study Group of the Musicological Society of Australia.

      Musicology Australia is the scholarly journal of the Musicological Society of Australia. Since its inception in 1963, the journal has published articles on all aspects of music research, including historical musicology, ethnomusicology, popular music, indigenous music practices, jazz, music theory, music analysis, organology, performance practice, contemporary music and psychology of music. All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed.

      Musicology Australia is open to new submissions at any time. Contributors are not required to write on Australian music or be Australian-based musicologists. For further information and instructions for authors, please see: https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/rmus20. Informal enquiries may be directed to the Editor, Denis Collins (denis.collins –at- uq.edu.au), or to the Associate Editor, Sarah Kirby (kirby.c –at- unimelb.edu.au).

      Issue 42/2:
      Aaron Corn & Clint Bracknell – Editorial

      Clint Bracknell & Linda Barwick – The Fringe or the Heart of Things? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Musics in Australian Music Institutions

      Jakelin Troy & Linda Barwick – Claiming the ‘Song of the Women of the Menero Tribe’

      Jesse Hodgetts – Yama Karra Paay? When is it Going to Rain? The Regrowth and Renewal of Old Ngiyampaa and Wiradjuri Songs to Empower the Cultural Identity of Ngiyampaa and Wiradjuri People of New South Wales Today

      Myfany Turpin, Calista Yeoh & Clint Bracknell – Wanji-wanji: The Past and Future of an Aboriginal Travelling Song

      Ros Dunlop – East Timorese Songs From the Ancestors: Have a Care They may be Lulik

      Jodie Kell, Rachel DjÍbbama Thomas, Rona Lawrence & Marita Wilton – Ngarra-ngúddjeya Ngúrra-mala: Expressions of Identity in the Songs of the Ripple Effect Band

      Diana James & Inawinytji Williamson – Kungkarangkalpa Inma Alatjila Kuwari Palyani: Dancing the Seven Sisters Songline Today!

      Brydie-Leigh Bartleet, Naomi Sunderland, Sarah Woodland & Sandy O’Sullivan – Desert Harmony: Exploring the Cultural, Social, and Economic Value of a Multi-Arts Festival in the Remote Barkly Region

      Aaron Corn – The Aboriginal Artists Agency and the Prominence of Indigenous Music and Dance in the Growth of the Australian Arts Industry

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