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      Aleisha Ward

      Kia ora all, I hope you are all well and safe in your bubbles. Please find below an invitation to all jazz people from the administrators of Jazz Studies Collaborative:

      We are delighted to invite you to join the email and Facebook discussion groups, Jazz Studies Collaborative. Founded in October 2018 by Lewis Porter, Mark Lomanno, and Alex Rodriguez, and currently led by Lewis, Mark and Kelsey Klotz, the Facebook group has about 475 members and the email group has about 120 members as of April 10, 2020 (this includes about 80 who are in both groups, so really about 40 more members), and they are fast-growing. The groups will also be hosting online panel discussions, book talks and many other useful activities, and we are actively looking for input from members!

      The groups are intended for anyone who is professionally involved with jazz, researching/performing/studying any aspect of jazz–the music, its listeners, its audiences, its history, its recordings, etc. Jazz Studies Collaborative is intended as an inclusive and professional space to discuss everything relating to your jazz activities. Members are an international group of educators/musicians/scholars from a variety of disciplines and personal backgrounds. We are expressly interested in fostering greater communication and collaboration in jazz studies throughout North America and worldwide.

      Follow this link to join the Facebook group:

      Or write directly to Mark Lomanno:

      To join the email group, write to me, Lewis Porter, and I’ll send you an invitation to click on:
      Once you’re on the listserv, to post a message to all members, simply send an email to:

      Once you’ve joined either or both groups, please:
      –Introduce yourself briefly to the members—where you live, what you do, what you’re working on currently.
      –Fill out the short survey about future online activities and internet platforms.

      Our next event is an online panel discussion, using Zoom, on April 23 at 1030am NYC time–after you join us, you can join the event:

      We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you to the groups! If you know others who should be members, please invite them as well. Thank you!
      All the best,
      Lewis, Mark and Kelsey

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