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Context: Journal of Music Research, new issue now available

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      Madeline Roycroft

      CONTEXT: Journal of Music Research is published by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne, and is edited by a committee of staff and postgraduate research students.

      Now in its thirty-third year, CONTEXT publishes refereed research articles, book reviews, edited interviews with Australian composers, and research project reports. CONTEXT is dedicated to publishing research of the highest quality from all sources, but is especially keen to assist publication of work by early-career academics and postgraduate students.

      CONTEXT is pleased to announce the release of Issue 48, available online, along with all previous issues, at: https://contextjournal.music.unimelb.edu.au/context-no-48-2022/


      Holly Caldwell, Carolyn Philpott and Maria Grenfell. Exploring Tasmania’s History and Landscape in Music for Children’s Performance: Don Kay’s There Is an Island (1977)

      Sam McAuliffe. Improvisation, Ontology, and Davidson: Exploring the Improvisational Character of Language and Jazz

      Hannah Spracklan-Holl. Noblewomen’s Devotional Song Practice in ‘Patiençe veinque tout’ (1647–1655), a German Manuscript from the Mid-seventeenth Century

      Calum White. From Civil Rights to the Post-racial Lie: The Representation of Racial Politics in the American Horror Film Score

      Oliver Rudland. Co-creating a Brass Band Dance Number for a Large-scale Community Opera Project with the Aid of Improvisatory Techniques

      Adam Weitzer. ‘The Vibrant, Passionate Human Soul He Was’: Robert Haven Schauffler’s The Unknown Brahms (1933) and the American Middlebrow

      Composer Interview:

      Ian Parsons. Not Just Wallpaper: An Interview with Michael Kieran Harvey


      Tim Daly. Peter Urquhart. Sound and Sense in Franco-Flemish Music of the Renaissance: Sharps, Flats and the Problem of Musica Ficta

      Paul Watt. Sarah Kirby. Exhibitions, Music and the British Empire

      Samantha Owens. Helen J. English. Music and World-Building in the Colonial City: Newcastle, NSW, and its Townships, 1860–1880

      Erinn Knyt. Teresa Balough and Kay Dreyfus, eds. Distant Dreams: The Correspondence of Percy Grainger and Burnett Cross, 1946–60

      Isobel D’Cruz Barnes. Shane Homan, Seamus O’Hanlon, Catherine Strong and John Tebutt. Music City Melbourne: Urban Culture, History and Policy

      Maurice Windleburn. Benjamin Piekut. Henry Cow: The World Is a Problem and George Henderson. Blind Joe Death’s America: John Fahey, the Blues, and Writing White Discontent

      Aidan McGartland. Joseph N. Straus. The Art of Post-Tonal Analysis: Thirty-Three Graphic Music Analyses

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