The mission of Ludic Language Pedagogy is to promote open, scholarly and practical conversations around purposeful and progressive uses of games and play in language teaching and learning.
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We are committed to:
– Promoting ideas, experiences and research that investigate the mindful intersection of games and language teaching and learning,
– Curating materials (submitted in conjunction with manuscripts) that other teachers and researchers can use in their contexts,
– Communicating with the community, not only through this journal but via SNS and regular public connections (podcast, webinars, Discord channels, etc.).

– Keywords such as but not limited to: play, technologies, genres, simulation, roleplay, design, game cultures and communities, etc.
– Keywords such as but not limited to: first languages (L1s), second and foreign languages (L2s), literacy, multimodality, literature, discourse, etc.
– Keywords such as but not limited to: curriculum, goals, student needs and differences, teacher roles, activities and materials, debriefing, assessment, extracurricular learning, educational philosophies, etc.