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Putting COZ to bed

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      Geraldine Auerbach

      Putting COZ to Bed 

      Dear Friends and Colleagues

      Although you said you would like COZ to continue, in practical terms, we find that our lives, and probably yours too, have filled up and we are simply not able to run the programme going forward. So, COZ will be on Sabbatical for the moment.

      We are gratified to know that COZ has served a wonderful purpose over the past couple of years, especially during lockdown. As Mark Kligman has commented, it truly was a wonderful way to create a community of Jewish music scholars. Phil Alexander said he is very proud to have been involved. I feel privileged to have worked with you all. Eighty-five sessions were held with over 170 distinguished speakers on a variety of subjects. What was especially pleasing, is that a sizable core group attended regularly, however tangential the topic may have been to their own particular field of study – thus nourishing and cross fertilising the field.

      If you missed any or just want to spend more some time with COZ:

      You can read about all the sessions   COZ on the IFJMS Website

      Most of the sessions can be viewed   COZ on YouTube

      You can join IFJMS Facebook Group 

      You can join the IFJMS Jewish  Music Group on Humanities Commons and participate in its discussion list

      Should anyone have a strong desire, and the time and commitment to run the programme – the structure is still there to be picked up at any time. You will be most welcome to run it. We will be happy to steer you in the right direction. Or if you have other projects you would like to run on the platform of the International Forum for Jewish Music Studies – it’s open to you to do so.

      We thank everyone who spoke or who listened and joined in the discussion for making such a stimulating and enjoyable weekly programme.

      It remains for us to wish everyone on our lists a very happy meaningful and productive New Year

      With love and very best wishes from

      Geraldine Auerbach, Mark Kligman, Lorry Black, Phil Alexander, Malcolm Miller, Martha Stellmacher 

      Conversations on Zoom, International Forum for Jewish Music Studies

      Geraldine Auerbach MBE

      T: 020 8907 1905    M: 07971 818 262

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