The Islam & Science listserv is a forum for the community of scholars working on this subject in any discipline in the humanities and social sciences. It began with a virtual workshop held in November 2020:


– To address shared challenges that scholars, curators and educators working on Islam and Science experience

– To create and discuss resources and methodologies for research and teaching

– To share professional and academic opportunities and resources for research and teaching

– To discuss public engagement, curation and education on this topic

Joining the listserv

To participate in this listserv, which will be email-based, please make an HCommons account ( and join our group (Islam and Science in Afro-Eurasia: New Directions) through there. The process is relatively simple. Here is a comprehensive guide to using the site, if you should encounter any issues:

Please note, in order to receive email updates in your inbox, you will need to update your email settings in HCommons. Go to the Settings tab (under your name at the top right-hand corner), select the ‘Email’ tab, and under the heading ‘Your Groups’, choose your preferred email setting, then save. There are a variety of options, but so long as ‘no email’ is your setting selection, you won’t be able to receive email. Alternatively, within the ‘Islam and Science in Afro-Eurasia: New Directions’ group, you can click the tab ‘Email Options’ under the main heading, and update your settings as preferred.


What, when, and how often to publish is at the discretion of the moderators. Moderators reserve the right to intervene in accordance with both our posting guidelines and community values. Moderation is unpaid work, but moderators should aim to publish all pending posts on a weekly basis. Moderators will also check the listserv signup form on a weekly basis and add new members as appropriate.

Shireen Hamza and Sam Pellegrino will serve initially as the moderators. We will, however, need to transition out of this role in order to both focus on our dissertations and to share the responsibility of maintaining and curating this intellectual community with you all. We would therefore like to ask for volunteers among faculty and curators who are at more established points in their careers. We are hoping in particular for moderators who are committed to open-mindedness, have capacious commitments to the field, and champion the core values of the listserv as described below. Please be in touch if you are interested in nominating yourself for this role!

Posting guidelines (adapted from H-net)

-No anonymous or pseudonymous postings. Full attribution (in the form of the poster’s profile with a full real name) should be provided.

-The moderators will not make changes to a post without the permission of the poster.

-Moderators will permit a range of opinion on the network; there will be no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, political affiliation, ethnicity, or national origin. Moderators will, however, strive to respect and elevate the voices of women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized individuals.

-There is no automatic right of reply. Discussion is encouraged, but all posts will be moderated on their compliance with our posting guidelines and culture.

-No electioneering, campaigning for office, or lobbying for specific legislation or candidates, public or private, including in posters’ signatures.

-No commercial sales or advertising. Announcements of products of interest to subscribers are permitted, but should originate with editors who have no material interest in the product or service. Moderators must disclose material interest where it may be directly affected by a posting they moderate.

-Participants may not use listserv members as subjects of research (such as research surveys).

-While all-paid job postings are welcome, no unpaid internships will be posted.

-Crossposting: scholarly conventions apply. Attribute the source, do not publish private correspondence or forwarded third-party materials without permission.

Community Values

-Ad hominems, baiting, “flaming,” and name-calling are prohibited. Professional, friendly discourse is expected.

-As in the workshop, we encourage you to treat all posts and conversations on the listserv as an opportunity to learn and grow. Expect to be surprised, and allow yourself to be intrigued and inspired by difference.

-Read and listen generously. Relatedly, if and when you disagree with one of your colleagues, we encourage you to disagree without being combative or defensive.

-We must ensure that every voice of this community can be heard. Furthermore, the voices most often left out of academic spaces and conversations–women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ individuals–will be respected.

-Be thoughtful about uneven power dynamics in our discussions and the weight your comments may carry because of your position. This is particularly important given the microaggressions routinely experienced by marginalized individuals in academic spaces.


Posting to the listserv does not change the copyright status of the material. The author retains copyright and grants the listserv the right to publish, store, and reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons license. Editors should be familiar with the terms of the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 US license, which applies to all content on the listserv.

Fair use: abstracts, quotations, and linking are encouraged, especially with commentary or other value-added contextualizing information. Moderators will watch out for posts that reproduce copyrighted material in full without permission from the copyright holder.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.