In 2018, Humanities Commons honored one of the most time-honored traditions of the season: summer camp. We hosted a virtual summer camp for users old and new. It helped participants to update, build, and achieve an outstanding digital presence through HC. Please check out the discussions from Summer 2018 to see the fantastic work and thought-provoking conversations that our participants took part in last year.

In 2019, we hosted two Humanities Commons Summer Refresh Workshops. These events encouraged you to set aside time to update your digital presence on HC. The group is a space to ask questions, connect with other users, and see the various exciting ways that other scholars use HC to build their presence online.

You can use these materials as you update your presence on the Commons.

Please visit our site for more information and updates:

#HCSummerRefresh 2: CORE

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      Caitlin Duffy

      Welcome to the third day of the second Humanities Commons Summer Refresh Workshop! Today we’re focusing on the CORE Repository.

      The importance of taking time to refresh your digital presence through CORE is twofold. First, we hope that a greater awareness of the open access materials available in the CORE Repository will help you to locate helpful documents as you design your courses, build projects, and complete research in the future. Second, by uploading your work to CORE, you will increase your readership, strengthen your digital presence, help build our open access repository, and establish a direct connection between your HC profile and your work.

      To complete today’s component of the workshop…

      Take a moment to reflect on the various blogs, conference papers, class materials, syllabi, abstracts, articles, creative work, white papers, etc. that you’ve created in the last year. Out of these pieces, which are you able to upload to CORE?  Upload at least one new document to CORE! Share your upload with this summer group by selecting the Humanities Commons Summer Camp group on the form when prompted to choose groups.

      I personally plan to upload the syllabus I just finished creating for my Fall 2019 undergraduate Intro to Film course. Also, last week, I uploaded a conference paper to CORE just before I presented it. I got the idea to upload the paper before presenting from “Toward a More Accessible Conference Presentation” by @jsfarr and @travisclau. There are a ton of great ideas in the article that can help you to present conference papers in a more accessible way, but the most pertinent tip they give relating to our current conversation is that, by uploading your paper to CORE before you present, you can provide digital copies of your presentation to the panel audience. This will allow audience members to read along as you speak.

      For those new to HC…

       Learn how to find CORE deposits relevant to your interests, upload your work, and share your upload with a specific group here. 


      Let’s chat about the CORE Repository! Answer any of the questions below or add questions of your own by responding to this post.

      • What did/will you upload to CORE? Share the link with us!
      •  Do you have any questions or hesitations about uploading to CORE?
      • What do you hope to gain out of uploading your work to CORE? Which of the benefits of CORE made you want to upload your work the most?


      You might also want to check out the fantastic conversation that happened during the first session of the #HCSummerRefresh Workshop on CORE day! You can view that here.

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