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Challenge #2: Networking (6/11-24)

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    Caitlin Duffy

    @djgavin Thanks for being part of (what looks like) a helpful discussion on the Speculative and Science Fiction group! I also appreciate your observation that Twitter and HC groups may not offer the same sort of networking possibilities. It might be helpful for all of us to strategically consider which platform(s) we want to invest time in and how exactly we want to use them. I also use Twitter and HC, but I think I can be more thoughtful in the ways that I use them. Thanks for bringing that up!

    @mollief Thanks for spreading HC and the Detective Fiction group to your email list. The participants on your list may be interested in one of HC’s newer features, which allows group members to post new discussion threads and respond to pre-existing threads using their emails. The HC added this feature partly to continue the benefits of email discussions that list serves and other email lists provide. This new feature might also be helpful to your groups, @ltyler.


    Caitlin Duffy

    I forgot to mention this during our first challenge, but I am completing each activity with you all.

    For this challenge, I followed a few more users based on the personal recommendations list on my homepage. I also joined the group @sarastarbucksantos created (over here) and responded to her introductory post. I look forward to the discussions we’ll have!




    Eliseo Jacob

    I’ve actually enjoyed completing the second challenge.  I did not realize how many scholars in my field already had profiles on H-Commons.  Hopefully this will encourage me to reach out more to other academics and network over projects and research that we have in common.

    I joined several groups related to my research.  For the task to create a new discussion thread in a group, I decided to share a call for papers for a symposium on Black literature in Latin America taking place in Brazil in November: 


    Joelle Mann

    Hi everyone,

    Happy Friday!  I joined several new groups: Comics Scholarship/Comics Studies, Narrative theory and Narratology, Autofiction, and Neoliberal Fiction (thanks @sarastarbucksantos). I started threads in two of the groups based on what I’m currently working on (both having to do with voice and co-mix). I also tried to join groups that seem to have more participants. I have, in the past, found the groups not to be very helpful, so I’m hoping to get some responses. I didn’t start a new group, but that might be my next step.

    Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions and ideas on this discussion.



    Kirsten Ashley Bussière

    I’ve been having a really good time discussing maps and speculative fiction with @djgavin in the Science and Speculative Fictions group. This challenge has allowed me to network with people working on some similar but different tasks that I think will allow for fruitful discussion of maps and literature and the act of creating maps more generally.

    I also went ahead and did the second part of the challenge and created a Utopian Studies group to discuss topics related to utopias, utopianism, utopian literature, utopian theory, and intentional communities.


    Jeannette Vaught


    I came to this challenge a bit late, but it is a very good one!  I joined a few groups with varying levels of activity, and created two new ones (Science and Technology Studies and Agricultural History).

    It was great to have another summer camper to chat with over on the Animal Studies list 🙂

    One question I have is an HC identity one: many animal studies scholars already have vibrant discussion hubs going on other internet places (i.e., H-Net) — how might HC develop a different, but no less robust discussion space?


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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