This summer, Humanities Commons will honor one of the most time-honored traditions of the season: summer camp.

That’s right- we’re hosting our very own virtual summer camp for users old and new. The HC Summer Camp will be particularly helpful to anyone who has wanted to take advantage of our platform, but either hasn’t found the time or isn’t sure where to begin. HC Summer Camp will give you deadlines and guidance to help you achieve your ideal digital presence.

This group and its connected site will serve as our campgrounds. Join if you’d like to receive updates, inspiration, and reminders about each of our bi-weekly challenges. Remember to also set up your email settings as desired.

Please visit our site for more information and updates:

Advanced Mini Challenge #2: Creating a Group on Humanities Commons

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    Caitlin Duffy

    Hello, everyone!

    I hope you’re enjoying yourselves as you work your way through our networking challenge. I’m really enjoying reading and participating in the thoughtful discussions surrounding HC groups in our Challenge #2 discussion thread. If you haven’t yet, do check out what other campers have been thinking and noticing!

    If you’re looking for an extra way to engage with the HC community, look no further: Our second advanced mini challenge has arrived!

    Our second mini challenge encourages you to build and maintain your own HC group.  Tips and instructions (as well as information explaining why someone might want to create a group) can be found on our most recent blog post over here.

    Good luck! Please reach out if you have any questions and please share any groups you create by posting links to them in this discussion thread!


    Sara Santos

    I took on the mini challenge and created a new group titled “Neoliberal Fiction.” As with many of the campers, I initially struggled to find groups specifically tailored to my fields of interest, specifically neoliberalism and its connections with literature and culture. Part of my dissertation project has to do with tracing the emerging genre of the neoliberal novel, so I created this new group in order to start a more cohesive conversation about what neoliberalism and neoliberal fiction really mean. More details in my first post!

    I invite any and all interested in these topics to join!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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