In 2018, Humanities Commons honored one of the most time-honored traditions of the season: summer camp. We hosted a virtual summer camp for users old and new. It helped participants to update, build, and achieve an outstanding digital presence through HC. Please check out the discussions from Summer 2018 to see the fantastic work and thought-provoking conversations that our participants took part in last year.

In 2019, we hosted two Humanities Commons Summer Refresh Workshops. These events encouraged you to set aside time to update your digital presence on HC. The group is a space to ask questions, connect with other users, and see the various exciting ways that other scholars use HC to build their presence online.

You can use these materials as you update your presence on the Commons.

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Advanced Mini Challenge #1: ORCID ID

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      Caitlin Duffy

      Hello, everyone!

      I hope you’re enjoying your first challenge. All of the profiles shared here look great!

      If you’re looking for an extra way to strengthen your profile even more, look no further! Our first advanced mini challenge has arrived!

      For this first bonus challenge, you will need to create an ORCID identifier for yourself and link to it on your Humanities Commons profile. Tips and instructions (as well as information explaining why having an ORCID ID is so beneficial) can be found on our most recent blog post over here.

      Good luck! Please reach out if you have any questions and continue to share your accomplishments with your fellow campers here!

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