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¿Por qué duró tanto la presencia de España en América?

This book deals with a case of political durability. Rather than trying to find the reasons for the collapse of […]

Luis de Orueta 10 September 2020 2 September 2022 American Independence, Black Legend, colonialism, Governments in Latin America, Leyenda Negra, Presencia de España, Spain in America, Spanish empire, Spanish History
Armies and Ecosystems in Premodern Europe: The Meuse Region, 1250-1850

Available open access at: https://library.oapen.org/handle/20.500.12657/48444 Using the ecosystem concept as his starting point, the author examines the complex relationship between […]

Sander Govaerts 27 July 2022 27 July 2022 Disease Prevention, Early Modern Warfare, Ecological Conservation, Ecology and Military, Environmental Archaeology, Environmental History, Environmental Impact of War, Fortifications, Frontiers, Historical Ecology, Historical Geography, History of Animals, History of Medicine, Logistics, Medieval Warfare, Military History, Military Labour, War and society
Charlottesville Syllabus: A History of Hate in America

After the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, I put together a reading list that covers the history of hate in […]

Catherine Halley 23 August 2017 23 August 2017 Charlottesville, racism, syllabus, teaching resources
John Rees Article List
John Rees 20 February 2017 20 February 2017
Los Virreyes de América del Norte (Nueva España 1535-1821)

Three years before the end of Spanish presence in New Spain, the following modern States were governed by Spanish Viceroys: […]

Luis de Orueta 31 July 2020 10 September 2023 Californian and Texan History, Colonial systems, Mexican independence, New Mexico, New Spain, North American History, Nueva España, Spanish Heritage, Viceroys, Virreyes
Los Virreyes de América del Sur I (Perú 1544-1825)
Luis de Orueta 12 June 2020 2 September 2022 Governments in Latin America, Independence of South America, Latin American history, South American History, Spanish Colonialism, Spanish Legacy in South America, Spanish presence in South America. American Viceroys, Virreyes
Los Virreyes de América del Sur II (Nueva Granada y Río de La Plata)

Comments on the Lives and Governments of the Viceroys of New Granada and River Plate

Luis de Orueta 20 May 2020 13 November 2023 Historia de Argentina, Historia de Colombia, Historia de Paraguay, Historia de Uruguay, Historia de Venezuela
Los Virreyes del Sur de Italia I, Sicilia 1414-1735

La presencia de virreyes en Sicilia se originó a partir de un pacto entre los habitantes de la isla y […]

Luis de Orueta 25 October 2021 25 October 2021 Historia de Italia, Historia de Sicilia, History of Italy, Italia, Sicilia, Vicerè, Viceroys, Virreyes
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