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Renaissance Society of American Annual Meeting – Dublin 2022

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      Carlotta Paltrinieri

      Dear Colleagues, please consider sending an abstract for the panel:\”What’s a Dilettante? Non-Professional Artists and Literati in Early Modernity (1500-1650)\”.

      Contributions to this panel will explore the phenomenon of dilettantismo between the 1500s and 1650s and consider some of the following key questions:

      Who was the dilettante? How did the dilettante come to be? What were the most suitable disciplines for a dilettante? What cultural and socio-political contexts led to the diffusion of this phenomenon? Who were the main agents of the affirmation of amateurship?

      We particularly welcome contributions on geo-political areas that have been less studied, and that will deal with one or more of the following aspects:

      • Amateurs & visual arts
      • Amateurs & liberal arts
      • Amateurs & performing arts
      • Amateurs & natural sciences
      • Women amateurs
      • The curriculum of the amateur
      • Literature and treatises on amateurship
      • The etymology and philology of the term dilettante/amateur


      More details here:

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