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  • Humanities Commons: Making the Digital World Open, Communicative, and Personal  
    Uploaded by June Oh on 26 March 2020.

    Humanities Commons is an open-source, nonprofit network developed and supported by scholarly societies for humanities instructors, researchers, and practitioners across the disciplines and around the world. This poster introduces Humanities Commons and its contribution to online scholarly communication. Analyzing a survey that candidly investigates the current state of digital scholarly communication, this poster presents what Humanities Commons can offer–both for your scholarly presence and for your research–amidst all the trepidations about the digital world. Find out about Humanities Commons that can help you share and develop your work that deserves real connection.

    This file contains my poster (.pdf) for the presentation.

  • Relational Landscapes: Teaching Chaco Canyon with Immersive Technology  
    Uploaded by Laura E. Smith on 25 March 2020.

    This lesson employs a 360 image to encourage students to understand and experience Chaco Canyon (850-1150CE) and its monumental architecture as a relational landscape.