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Council for Play and Game Studies(CPGS) Elections

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      Dylan Altman

      Hi, Everyone:

      Please share!

      The Council for Play and Game Studies(CPGS) currently has two officer positions (one Executive Council Position and one graduate student position) open for the 2022-23 year, and we’d love for you to join us! If you are interested in either, please email with your name, the position(s) you are interested in, and a paragraph describing why you are interested in the position and why you believe you would be a good fit for it.

      We regularly publish blog posts and host Twitch streams relevant to teaching writing using games (of any medium). If you are interested in writing a blog post or hosting a stream during the fall 2022 semester, please email with a description of the post or stream you would like to create and explanation of how it relates to the Council’s mission.

      Please email your self-nominations by Friday, September 23rd . We will hold elections for the new positions soon after. See the Officer descriptions below:

      Assistant Chair:

      • Serves as member of the Council’s Executive Committee
      • Works alongside chair to set agenda for CCCC business meeting
      • Works with the Graduate Student Representative and Membership Coordinator to coordinate mentoring
      • Serves as Council’s liaison to the Newcomer’s Committee
      • Facilitates running C’s the Day. Prepares CtD volunteers for running the CtD booth before CCCCs and coordinates them during CCCC.
      • Serves as point person in handling any game complaints during C’s.
      • Rotating Position

      Graduate student representative:

      • Communicate with graduate students via the Council’s various platforms to better understand graduate student needs and communicate those needs to the rest of the EC
      • Serves as Council’s liaison to all appropriate CCCC-affiliated graduate organizations and committees (e.g. WPA-GO, Committee on the Status of Graduate Students, NextGEN)
      • Gathers volunteers to run C’s the Day
      • Makes the spreadsheet for volunteers to sign up to run the C’s the Day booth
      • Designs flyers and other publicity materials for annual CCCC meeting, games lounge, and Council-run events during CCCC
      • Advertises Council meetings and events on appropriate listservs and on social media spaces
      • Maintains social media presence for the Council and C’s the Day.
      • Maintains the C’s the Day and Council websites


      Thank you and “Game On!”

      Dylan Altman

      English Instructor

      Associate Chair, Council for Play and Game Studies

      CSUN :

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