This research project focuses on the Three-Dimensional Modeling/Digitization of the John House Stereograph Collection, which House’s children, Adam and Joe donated to the Department of Art History at Florida State University in 2012. The collection documents much of Paris, Versailles, the British Countryside, the United States, and the Middle East in the mid-19th century; specifically, the late 1840’s through the mid-1900’s. The John House Stereograph collection is in the process of being documented and uploaded to the Florida State University Digital Repository “DigiNole.” While this effort makes the collection visually and two-dimensionally available to the public, the purpose of this project is to enhance that accessibility and push it into a physical plane through three-dimensional modeling. This will grant online viewers the ability to digitally experience the stereograph cards in the round. The documentation of these cards in this way is important due to the educational value that they hold for historians and art historians. To do this, Art History undergraduate student and researcher Chase Van Tilburg has partnered with graduate student Marcelina Nagales of the Florida State University Morphometrics Lab, under the Department of Scientific Computing. This research is also concerned with creating new methods of viewing the stereo cards without the need for the physical stereoscope. As we are taking the stereo cards from the physical to the digital, we intend to develop digital methods of viewing the cards as they would be viewed stereoscopically in the mid-19th century. To accomplish this, we are creating a Digital Stereoscope application (app) to be used with Google cardboard.

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