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Call for Participation: PPJ Field Editors

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      Andrea Walsh

      Call for Participation

      The PPJ Community is currently seeking Field Editors to help create and nurture partnerships with public organizations concerned with social and political issues in the following areas and their intersections:

      • food ethics and justice
      • environmental ethics and justice
      • restorative justice and the prison system
      • justice and rights for people of color
      • women\’s issues
      • LGBTQI issues
      • disability issues
      • global human rights
      • education reform and revolution
      • information and communications technology

      Field Editors will work with the Editorial Team and Board members to advance the PPJ’s benefit to public organizations by helping to increase the scope of their advocates, to publicize their work, and to refine ideas central to their mission. Individuals working within or beyond academe and with or without formal degrees are equally encouraged to participate. If you’re an activist or researcher who\’d like to enrich and broaden the impact of your work in collaboration with new colleagues, develop your peer networks, and work with publicly engaged groups, we\’d love to hear from you. To inquire, please contact the editors at editors@publicphilosophyjournal.

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