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How to post blogposts? Discussion or Doc?

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    Andreas Wagner

    Hi all,

    today I wanted to invite comments about a blog post of mine, but ended up being unsure of where to put this. At first I thought the post was a Doc (it’s a rather long and systematic blogpost) and tried to submit it to CORE, sharing it with the relevant Groups, but it appears CORE cannot ingest deposits referred to by URI only (no file, no DOI etc.). Am I right here?

    Then I thought it might be good to put this in the Discussion section, but it is not really a question that I have or even a very specific (and single) issue discussed in the blog post, so I felt some uneasiness about putting it under a short header since that might distort it and turn away readers that would potentially be interested in other facets of the post. Well, probably (I am just bad at writing abstracts and) it still is the most adequate place available for something like this…

    Still I wonder if it should not be possible to deposit web document references in CORE (and then maybe refer to those in some nifty way from the discussion section)?

    Do any of you have thoughts on this?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,



    PS. For what it’s worth, the blog post concerned is at and it deals with semantic web issues such as resource naming and identification of (parts of) a digital scholarly edition…

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    Nicky Agate

    Hi Andreas,

    Thanks for the message! Creating a seamless way to provide feedback on items in CORE is most definitely on our roadmap, but we have some UX work to do before we get there. In the interim, I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. Sharing something you upload with a group generates an activity record in that group’s /activity tab. You could respond to that record asking for feedback or comment.
    2. Alternatively, you could deposit the item in CORE (you’d need to make it into a PDF or Word doc, because you’re right, CORE currently only accepts full text / image items, not metadata or links only) and share it with the group. Then you could create a discussion thread in the group in which you (a) post the DOI and (b) ask for comments.

    I’m sorry this isn’t more intuitive at this point in time. We’ll get there!


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