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Embedding Capacity for CORE ala Scribd

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    Christopher P. Long

    I would love to use CORE to embed pdfs into my own personal website. Right now I do that through Scribd, but I don’t want them monetizing my work. I’d rather fill out my CORE repository and embed the documents directly from CORE. The Scribd embedding tool is excellent, and ultimately that is what is keeping me there. I’d use CORE to embed my papers if that feature were available. Here is what it looks like on my site via Scribd:

    Public Philosophy and Philosophical Publics

    Thanks for considering this feature. I’m enjoying the hcommons so far!


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    Nicky Agate

    This isn’t a request we’ve had before, @cplong, but it certainly sounds interesting. We’d be keen to know if others would also use such a feature. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      Amanda L. French

      I came to this group specifically to request the ability to embed CORE PDFs on my own website, as well! Scribd is one model, especially for PDFs, but I would also point to the Internet Archive and to Hathitrust, both of which allow for embedding whole books on one’s own site. It might not be very high priority for you, but count me as a plus one for this feature. Thanks!

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    Christopher P. Long

    I’d be interested too in knowing if others would use such a feature. It is probably worth considering a variety of ways we could facilitate access to material in CORE. Embedding on the websites of individual scholars is one possible way to drive more readers to the work stored in CORE.

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    Paolo Aranha

    This is an excellent proposal! By the way, it wouldn’t be bad to introduce a “Like” function in Group Discussions like this. While I didn’t have much to add in substantial terms to Christopher Long’s proposal, I did want to express my support: a Facebook-style “Like” would serve the purpose!

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    Christopher P. Long


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