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      Gregory Reish

      [Posting on behalf of Joe Weed. Please respond directly to him if you have ideas or information to share. Thanks]

      In conjunction with my work on fiddle tune histories, I’d like to talk with somebody whom I’d call a “social psychologist.” I’m not sure if such a specialty exists within psychologists, or if I’ll just need to talk with a general psychologist who understands roots music and Americans’ fascination with it.
      This person, a qualified psychologist, could talk about the “collective” psychology of American society, and perhaps cover some of these topics:

      • Our longing for folk roots, including in music
      as societal ancestors (not necessarily genre-specific)

      • Americans’ honoring a body of “folk” culture that we look to for:
      emotional comfort
      self expression

      • The ways we mold our self-expression to fit a perceived cultural identity

      • How might these concepts allow for or resist change and development, while preserving traditions?

      (And a specific instance of a current project: In the case of Frankie Rodgers\’ “Ookpik Waltz,” what might help explain the large body of myth that has grown around the tune, mislabeling its roots as Alaskan/Native American?)

      I’d like to discuss the above topics with the social psychologist and then use some of their comments on camera.
      Do you know of such a person?
      Is there already a musicologist who has articulated these concepts especially clearly?
      Does this line of pursuit seem valuable to you, or misguided? Is it missing a big picture?

      With gratitude, and apologies for cross-posting,
      Joe Weed
      Highland Studios
      (408)655-2485 Mobile
      PO Box 554
      Los Gatos, CA 95031-0554

      Gregory Reish, PhD

      Director, Center for Popular Music

      Professor of Music History

      Middle Tennessee State University

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