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Announcing Digital Humanities Japan

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      Paula R. Curtis

      Dear all,

      The Digital Humanities Japan ( http://dhjapan.org/ ) initiative is pleased to formally announce the launch of our website and its associated content. This includes a mailing list and a resource wiki. Our wiki contains (among other things):

      • Scholars Directory – A submission form where you can list yourself a DH Japan scholar, including your current projects, skill sets, and contact information. We hope this will enhance everyone’s ability to find collaborators and find new and fascinating work in the field.
      • Publications – An open-access google doc where you can list your publications or the publications of others related to the intersection of DH/Japan, whether informational blog posts or peer-reviewed writing.
      • DH Tools – A list of Japan-specific digital tools, as well as a database of broader DH Tools, separated by category.

      There is much more on the wiki, and we hope that the present resources will help facilitate more work on the intersection of Japan and Digital Studies. We encourage contributions from the community to help our resources grow. Contact information is available on the DHJ site for those with any questions.

      Best wishes,

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