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    Nicky Agate

    I’m curious to know what kind of projects people are working on right now.

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    Ross Cunliffe

    Hi Nicky,

    As part of my MA course I am trying to institute a network of collaboration on the topic of digital utopianism with a particular tuning towards digital eugenics. I am also trying to make the network rhizomatic and free/open, so my status as project initiator will be irrelevant as it will be centred on complete omission of regulation. Therefore the network/node(s) will not be constrained in any way by some sort of bias or expectation towards a desired outcome – it will simply follow whatever course the discussion takes it. The concept of the rhizome originates in the work of Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus, and is a very influential concept in terms of the infrastructure of the internet and as a model of thought. It’s completely subversive in terms of challenging the conventional way we conceive thought and structure, which tends to be hierarchical and centred with a spine of unity that dictates its dynamic (D&G use the tree image to illustrate this). As with all works of philosophy (imo) it is very hard to access at first, such is the way that philosophers tend to construct their prose. Plenty of videos on YouTube that simplify it well (which I needed before tackling the rhizome part of the book ATP). I think having a completely open network where people throw in whatever they want can lead to some interesting conclusions/areas that a centralised network can not.

    So I am just trying to get involved in as many discussions as possible across all media to see if I can get people involved/interested.


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    Ross Cunliffe

    My paragraphs didn’t work :/ ^ that’s a bummer

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    Catherine Winters

    I’d like to see this discussion come back!

    I’m (hopefully) wrapping up a self-guided walking tour based on The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri. Participants use a free app, GeoTourist, to access audio excerpts from the novel linked to locations mentioned in the passage. There are two versions, one at the University of Rhode Island in the US and one in Kolkata, India.

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