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Music Encoding Conference 2024: Call for Hosts

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      Anna E. Kijas

      The MEI Board invites expressions of interest for the organization of the 12th edition of the annual Music Encoding Conference, to be held in 2024.

      The MEI oversees the organization of an annual conference, the Music Encoding Conference (MEC), to provide a meeting place for scholars and practitioners interested in discussing the modeling, generation, and uses of music encoding. While the conference has an emphasis on the development and uses of MEI, other contributions related to general approaches to music encoding are always welcome, as an opportunity for exchange between scholars from various research communities, including technologists, librarians, historians, and theorists.

      In order to address the uncertainty related to the current global health crisis, we have opted for a simplified application procedure. At this stage, it is not necessary to submit a full application; instead, an informal expression of interest will be enough to set the ball rolling (maximum word limit: 600 words). We are aware that it may seem difficult to think ahead while we are still in the midst of a pandemic and the future of traveling to conferences may feel uncertain, therefore we welcome proposals for hybrid conferences (both online and in person). Hosting guidelines are available at https://music-encoding.org/conference/hosting-guidelines.html.

      Historically, the conference has been organized by institutions involved in MEI, such as MEI member institutions or those hosting MEI-based projects, but expressions of interest from any interested group or institution will be happily received. Although MEC venues have alternated between Europe and North America in the past, we encourage and invite proposals from the Global South and other parts of the world.

      The deadline to make up your mind and get in touch with us is 29 April 2022. Please direct all proposals and inquiries to info@music-encoding.org. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please share with your colleagues and networks.

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