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DEFCon Speaker Series: Dr. Jennifer Guiliano (IUPUI) – 2/28/22, 5pm ET

Event Description

Our first guest for the Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium Speaker Series is Jennifer Guiliano of IUPUI, who'll be giving the talk "Teaching for a Digital Ethnic Future: Strategies for Syllabi, Classrooms, and Curriculum" on Feb. 28th at 5pm ET.

Dr. Guiliano's book A Primer for Teaching Digital History will be published by Duke UP this year, and we're thrilled that she'll be sharing her expertise with the DEFCon community!
"Teaching for a Digital Ethnic Future: Strategies for Syllabi, Classrooms, and Curriculum"
What does it mean to build towards a digital ethnic future? How do we incorporate social justice oriented pedagogy in our syllabi, classrooms, and curriculum? This talk highlights examples from digital humanities that incorporate social justice in the classroom. It provides principles and opportunities to guide your development as a teacher and facilitator. And, as importantly, it provides the opportunity to discuss with one another the variety of digital ethnic futures we might encourage in our students.
Bio: Dr. Jennifer Guiliano is a white academic living and working on the lands of the Myaamia/Miami, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, Wea, and Shawnee peoples. She currently holds a position as Associate Professor in the Department of History and affiliated faculty in both Native American and Indigenous Studies and American Studies at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is the author of 10 Principles for Teaching Digital History (Duke University Press, May 2022), co-editor with Roopika Risam of Reviews in Digital Humanities, and co-director of the Humanities Intensive Teaching and Learning Institute (HILT: You can follow her on twitter @jenguiliano.


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