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CfP: Emergent Ideas – Lateral Books in Cultural Studies (Amherst, open access)

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      Chris Alen Sula

      Emergent Ideas: Lateral Books in Cultural Studies publishes concise analyses and interpretations of contemporary and emergent cultural phenomena. Titles in the series explore the objects, events, artifacts, and practices that shape and structure communities, politics, and movements. We are especially interested in work that explores cultural phenomena and ideas on the cusp of articulation: the beginnings of a new theory, for example, or the identification of meanings, relations, and practices that are constitutive of a cultural moment or movement. We invite sharp, speculative, and radically novel analyses, critiques, and theories between 15,000 and 40,000 words that advance interdisciplinary conversations across the field of cultural studies internationally.

      For more information and to submit a proposal, please Amherst College Press at<wbr />series

      Series Editors: Robert Carley, Texas A&M University; Anne Donlon, Independent Scholar; Eero Laine, University at Buffalo, State University of New York; SAJ, New York University; Chris Alen Sula, Pratt Institute

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