This space is the repository for the papers, presentations (slides, videos, etc) that will form the basis of the CSDH-SCHN 2020 online conference, to take place June 1-5th.

Building Community Online: Conference Details

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      Kim Martin

      Welcome to the CSDH-SCHN 2020: Building Community Online conference collection. Over the next month, you’ll see a lot of action in this group, as presenters prepare their files for viewing by conference attendees. The conference takes place online from June 1-5, 2020. If you like what you see here, you can head on over to our Eventbrite page and register. If you’d just like to find out a bit more about CSDH-SCHN and the conference in general, you should check out our web-page here!

      The schedule for the conference is available at this link.

      We invite participants and other interested folk to jump in here, ask questions, or start a discussion!

      If you have questions you’d prefer answered privately, reach out to us at csdh.1234 [at] gmail [dot] com. Cheers!

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