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      Brian Tholl

      Post articles or tell us about something you have read recently that would be of interest to this group.

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      Stacy Hartman

      I’ve recently starting compiling a Connected Academics reading list. On the list are the following:

      Designing the Professional by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (muscle your way past the class assumptions and the design thinking cultishness and there is excellent advice)

      Not for Profit by Martha Nussbaum (not sure this is her best book but I think it’s good scaffolding)

      Limits of Critique and The Uses of Literature by Rita Felski (useful for thinking about the overall trends in our profession that make this difficult)

      I haven’t read it yet, but Kathryn Temple, PI of Connected Academics at Georgetown, just recommend The Value of the Humanities by Helen Small.

      As soon as it comes out, Katina Rogers’s Putting the PhD to Work will definitely be on this.

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      Molly D. Appel

      Hi, all!

      I’m Molly Appel – I did the Connected Academics Boot Camp at MLA 2018. My blog for the Connected Academics site led me to an opportunity for a career exploration series with Interfolio. Here’s my first post:



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