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flexible embargo period

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      Alexandre Roberts

      It would be great to have total flexibility in setting the embargo period on articles by selection the exact date of the end of the embargo period when uploading a publication. (This feature is available and intuitively implemented on Zenodo.)

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      Louis Mosar

      I second that!

      Related to that, it would also be nice to have an ‘restricted access’ option for an item, in which you can choose who to give access to it upon request. I feel comfortable providing complete open access to finished products, but I would also like to have a place (and in fact my funder asks this, for now, I am planning to use Open Science Framework) for storing my ‘data’ (in my case that is my reading lists, literature notes and paper outlines), which I do not necessarily want to make open and accessible to everyone. But I would feel comfortable to give people access to these items upon request. In this way the repository would function as a vault for the ‘data’ of my project.

      Also related to that,  is that it would also be very convenient  to have a project feature like Open Science Framework, in which you can collect everything that is related to a certain project in one place (and in which you can choose for each item to provide open or restricted access).

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      Bonnie Russell

      We’re adding these suggestions to our future considerations list. At this time we are looking at the ability to link to other platforms including Open Science Framework.

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