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Bibliography Repository: Zotero?

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      Shani Tzoref

      Among the chief desiderata in the fields of biblical studies and ancient Judaism are up-to-date open repositories of sources, both primary and secondary. I know there are many people and groups working on meeting these needs, and not a few have envisioned the creation of a comprehensive platform integrating sources relevant to multiple sub-disciplines.
      I\’d like to invite people to share their thoughts here about tools and resources for bibliographic access: narrow, broad, and in-between.
      In particular, I\’m thinking that it would be useful to have a resource that many of us have spoken about:  a Zotero library using the Orion bibliography, merging Orion\’s comprehensiveness with Zotero\’s capabilities, including PDFs of articles that are permissible to post.  Perhaps somebody has already created something like this, which you\’d be prepared to share?

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