We welcome all scholarly discussions about the study of autofiction and other related forms of life narrative. You can use this space to post CFPs, share information related to the study of autofiction , and more.

What’s your story? Calling all Autofiction bloggers

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      Shashi Bhusan Nayak

      Whether you have reflections, thoughts on the field of autofiction as a whole, or a compelling narrative that is crying out for an audience, we want to hear from you. We want to use our social media platforms to encourage discussion within the broad community of autofiction.Part of encouraging that discussion is asking you all to contribute your thoughts and experiences.

      We are looking for posts between 500-800 words or 15-20 minutes of audio or video. These are rough guidelines, however, so we are open to negotiation in terms of media and format. We should also stress that while we welcome posts that showcase a particular project, we can’t serve as landing page for kickstarter or similar funding sites.

      Please direct any questions, pitches, or submissions to autofiction@hotmail.com. You can also message us on Twitter or Facebook.

      We look forward to hearing from you!


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