We welcome all scholarly discussions about the study of autofiction and other related forms of life narrative. You can use this space to post CFPs, share information related to the study of autofiction , and more.

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      Shashi Bhusan Nayak

      Help us brainstorm –

      As we at the Auto/Fiction continue to expand our online initiatives, we’d like to hear from you about how we can best use this platform. Do you have ideas for posts relevant to the autofiction community and discipline? Who should we talk to? Do you want to guest post for us? Let us know!

      1- What pressing issues in the field of Autofiction should we address in our page?
      2- Who from the field of Autofiction should we interview?
      3- Would you like to write a guest post? If so leave us your email address and a proposed topic and we will get in touch. (or nominate a friend!)
      4- What suggestions do you have for how we can continue to improve our page and better engage with the autofiction community?

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