We see this online space as useful for extending conversations and sharing examples of arts and cultural practices towards community development across the globe. We have found that in many cases, altruism and reciprocity drive motivation for many who are involved in arts and cultural development; yet, when available, access to critical information and mentoring tend to go to established groups and institutions. These entities don’t necessarily represent those actually doing the work nor those being impacted by it. Exclusive, they tend to reinforce dominant identities and value systems (Stupples & Teaiwa, 2017). Aligning with the belief that all individuals deserve the opportunity to participate and to engage in building lives of personal value and dignity including “the right to freely participate in the cultural life of the community” (UN General Assembly, 1948), we recognize that we need each other in this mutual endeavor. It takes purposeful action with others to inspire, connect, and share knowledge and experience around this work.