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We are a group dedicated to the study of musics and soundscapes of East Asia, East Asian diasporas, and other milieus culturally proximate to (even if geographically distant from) East Asia–as well as the imagination of these cultural spheres–from a broadly global, comparative perspective, critiquing and crossing the non-/Western musical divide. We adopt a global, network, or assemblage perspective on research that emphasizes the intersection of local, minoritarian, national, regional, post/colonial, decolonial, and deimperial forces, whether the geographical sites involved are located in Asia or elsewhere. Often moving across cultural milieus, our work translates into the examination of various forms of hybridity involving Western, traditional, folk, popular, pop rock, avant-garde, electronic, and other musics. Our work is proximate to methodologies and topics broadly recognized as musicological–global music historiography, history and current practice of music theory and analysis, avant-gardism, hybridity, and Western art music performance in East Asia etc., but we are also open to ethnomusicological methodologies and topics broadly aligned with our vision. While most of us are members of the American Musicological Society, we welcome scholars from other music societies, as well as scholars in other fields who may be interested in our work.

Co-chairs: Gavin Lee (Soochow University), Kunio Hara (University of South Carolina), Amanda Hsieh (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Advisors: Daniel Chua, W. Anthony Sheppard, Helan H L Yang (Hong Kong Baptist University), Thomas Irvine (University of Southampton)
Chairs of committees: Lester Hu (UC Berkeley; Conference Theme), Hannah Chang (University of Sheffield; Bibliography), Bess Liu (University of Pennsylvania; Curriculum), Brooke McCorkle (Carleton College; Archives), Brent Ferguson (College of Southern Maryland; Technology)

Board members: John O. Robison (University of South Florida), Hye-jung Park (Texas Christian University), Serena Yang (UC Davis), Peng Liu (University of Texas – Austin), Grace Kweon (UNC Greensboro), Samuel Chan (New York University), Toru Momii (Columbia University), Qingfan Jiang (Columbia University), Wenzhuo Zhang (University of Rochester), Lufan Xu (Shanghai Conservatory of Music), Charlotte D’Evelyn (Pomona College), Chui Wa Ho (New York University), Winnie W. C. Lai (University of Pennsylvania)


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