This group is for those who would like to share resources related to the academic job market (and, perhaps, the alt-ac market). It is a collegial, supportive community driven by hope and pragmatism.

The “site” is where we host blog posts about the job market and instructions on uploading materials. Sample application materials are hosted under “Docs”.

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Welcome & How to Submit Materials

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    Hannah Alpert-Abrams

    Hi! Welcome to the Academic Job Market Support Network. We host information and resources relating to job searches in the humanities.

    We host sample job materials, like cover letters, teaching philosophies, and more, for jobs ranging from tenure-track faculty at R1 institutions to community college faculty, adjunct instructors, and digital humanities librarians.

    We also host job search resources for job seekers and their mentors, including materials that range from tips for writing unbiased letters of recommendation to guidance on conducting an informational interview or preparing for a campus visit.

    Materials are hosted on the “docs”, and organized by type. We don’t use CORE to host these materials, which are not published documents of record, but we do have some published resources in CORE that are related to equity in the job search.

    Want to contribute?

    As a member, you can add your materials by uploading them to the ‘docs’ page. This a great way to support current and future applicants, thank you! We do ask you follow the following principles:

    1. Be selective: we know, you’ve written hundreds of documents. But please follow these guidelines:
      1. Submit no more than one document from each genre/job type to the site.
      2. Only submit documents that were ‘successful’ – that is, applications where you proceeded to the interview stage.
    2. Submit as PDFs: not everyone has Word.
    3. Protect your privacy: Make sure you remove your mailing address and other personal details.
    4. Include area-specific info: In the title or description, describe:
      1. The type of doc (“cover letter”)
      2. The type of job (“VAP”)
      3. The field/department (“English”)
      4. The year (“2016”)
      5. edit: It’s just now occurring to me we should think about nation, like U.S., Canada, UK, Europe… since the markets are so different!
    5. <b>Organize your files by document type</b>: we spent a lot of time thinking about this, and believe it’s the best way! So put your document in the folder that’s most appropriate to the type (i.e. “cover letter” or “CV”).

    How to submit materials

    1. Log in to Humanities Commons and join the Academic Job Market Support Network group.
    2. Navigate to the Docs page.
    3. Click the “Create new doc” button in the upper right corner.
    4. Give your doc a title
      Choose something that describes both the kind of document and the kind of job, like “Cover Letter for a TT job in English Literature”
    5. Give your doc a description
      In the “content” section, provide any context that might be useful, like the year of submission, the job type, the department, the type of institution, etc.
    6. Under the “Attachments” section click “Add files”. This will allow you to upload your PDF.
    7. Update the permissions and categorization:
      • Associated Group: leave as Job Market Support Network
      • Access: you can leave this as default, or limit permissions. Our preference is for you to allow Admins access to the doc in case we need to reorganize it. We won’t make any content changes without your permission.
      • Group Folders: This one is important! If you’re uploading job materials, choose the folder that describes the kind of material, like “cover letter” or “teaching statement”.
      • Tags: we’re not really using these formally, but you can add tags like “cover letter” or “English literature” if you want.
      • Parent: in general, this can be left as is.
    8. Click “Save”.
    9. Check on your doc
      Navigate to the correct folder and make sure your doc is there! If you need to make edits, you can use the edit button to do so.
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    Kate Koppy

    Thanks so much for creating this group, Hannah!

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