CFP: Engaging Students vol. 8: ‘Beyond Western Musicalities’

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It is our pleasure to announce the call for submissions for the upcoming volume of Engaging Students: Essays in Music Pedagogy, an open-access, web-based resource serving those teaching college-level classes in music. The central ambition of Volume 8 is to provide a pedagogical resource that engages with the plurality of ways in which music can be organized and experienced around the globe. We envision this collection having essays that touch upon familiar classroom topics using diverse repertoires, but we also hope to have contributions that decenter the Western frameworks that are commonly taken for granted in our teaching practices.

Some possible assumptions from music theory pedagogy that might be expanded, transformed, or challenged by this volume include: goal-directedness and structural closure,  pitch relations and pitch qualia, metric structure, notions of consonance and dissonance, primary vs. secondary musical characteristics, composition vs. improvisation, entrainment, how repetition functions, extractability of music from its contexts, extramusical meaning, etc. We also invite contributors to consider the ethical stakes of these pedagogical interventions, including issues of decolonization and decentering but also of tokenism and representation.

We are welcoming submissions to this volume until July 3, 2020, and expect to publish the complete volume toward the end of the year. Essays should be 1500-3000 words and be loosely based on what Dan Cohen, Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America, calls the “blessay” (blog-essay). Engaging Students uses a two-stage acceptance process: the first stage is an anonymous-peer-review process, the second stage involves non-anonymous peer-review where authors and peer-editors work together to improve essays and prepare them for publication.

The e-journal will be published with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY–SA) that will protect authors’ rights while allowing for free and open online access. More information about creative commons licenses can be found here.

You will receive acknowledgment of receipt of your manuscript within one week of the submission deadline. Provisional acceptances will be sent in late July, and you should plan to be electronically available in early August to accomplish the majority of the peer editing process. As in previous volumes, the revision process will consist of efficient online interactions between you and the editorial group, using the Google Docs platform.

Detailed submission instructions as well as additional information about licensing, the review process, our editorial team, and the project in general will be available shortly on the submission page.


Thank you,

Carla Colletti, Philip Duker, Bryn Hughes, Meghan Naxer, Chris Stover, Leslie Tilley, and Anna Yu Wang,

The Editorial Board of Engaging Students

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