This space is the repository for the papers, presentations (slides, videos, etc) that will form the basis of the CSDH-SCHN 2021 online conference, to take place May 30-June 3rd.

[Working Document] Making Cardboard Books in Digital Times

Welcome to this book-making workshop, and one of the last regular activities at the CSDH/SCHN 2021 Conference!

In this working document I’ll give all the participants every information they need prior to the workshop. I will answer any questions as well, so it may be regularly updated. I’ll start giving some advice on how to print and bind your own book. I uploaded some of Kodama Cartonera’s titles in a printable PDF format so you’re ready for our workshop with a hard print copy of our books! Alternatively, you can bind your own book at will. I also uploaded Antena Collective’s manifesto How to Build Justice Language, an essay that was vital for our multilingual co-edition project Recycled Languages.


How to print your book

  1. Download the PDF you want to print from the CSDH-SCHN 2021: Making the Network Humanities Commons group, Files section.
  2. Open it using your regular PDF reader software.
  3. Choose the “Print” option.
  4. Take care to print the file on both sides of the page using the “Booklet” format.
  5. Some printers need you to turn the page manually to print on both sides. If you experience any problem with this or any other step, hit me up!



How to cut, bind, and decorate your carboard cover

While these topics will be discussed during the workshop, it is highly recommended that you also bring your own cardboard cover already cut. This video clip by Ultramarina Cartonera (Spain/Mexico) is very illustrative of the techniques needed to cut cardboard for editorial purposes. Your cardboard covers should measure around half an inch longer than your printed book on each side.

This workshop is based on the forthcoming book Hojas fantasmas: miradas al interior de las editoriales cartoneras en México. You can read a previous of chapter 1 in this link. Should you want a preview of this book, let me know as well.

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