Twenty-FIve Lectures on Modern Balkan History (The Balkans in the Age of Nationalism). List of lectures.

by Steven W. Sowards

Readers are encouraged to consult the Preface for information about this site and its purposes. Some of the major sources for this text are listed in a Bibliographic Note. A German translation by Georg Liebetrau is available in hard copy: search Amazon under the title “Moderne Geschichte des Balkans”. In the original web version, links from the Table of Contents entries led to chapters: as time allows, I will pursue that here as well. 


Table of contents / complete list of the lectures

TOPIC 1: Defining the “Balkans:” An other Europe

  • Lecture No. 1: Introduction to the course: The geography and ethnic geography of the Balkans to 1500
  • Lecture No. 2: “Asia begins at the Landstrasse:” Comparing Eastern European and European histories

TOPIC 2: The “Old Regimes” in the Balkans before 1790

  • Lecture No. 3: The principles of Ottoman rule in the Balkans
  • Lecture No. 4: Hungary and the limits of Habsburg authority

TOPIC 3: The earliest national revolutions, 1804-1830

  • Lecture No. 5: The Serbian Revolution and the Serbian state
  • Lecture No. 6: The Greek Revolution and the Greek state

TOPIC 4: The Revolution of 1848 and its legacy

  • Lecture No. 7: Nationalism in Hungary, 1848-1867
  • Lecture No. 8: National revival in Romania, 1848-1866

TOPIC 5: The impact of the wider world: Economic, social, political

  • Lecture No. 9: Economic and social changes in Balkan life
  • Lecture No. 10: The Great Powers and the “Eastern Question”

TOPIC 6: The failure of change from above: Reform in Macedonia and Bosnia-Hercegovina

  • Lecture No. 11: Macedonia and the failure of Ottoman reforms
  • Lecture No. 12: Bosnia-Hercegovina and the failure of reform in Austria-Hungary

TOPIC 7: Balkan nationalisms: Serbia and Greece

  • Lecture No. 13: Serbian nationalism from the “Nacertanije” to the Yugoslav Kingdom
  • Lecture No. 14: Greek nationalism, the “Megale Idea” and Venizelism to 1923

TOPIC 8: World War I: Causes and legacies

  • Lecture No. 15: The Balkan causes of World War I
  • Lecture No. 16: The legacies of 1917 and 1919

TOPIC 9: Limitations of Western models in the interwar period

  • Lecture No. 17: Nation without a state: The Balkan Jews
  • Lecture No. 18: Balkan politics drifts to the Right

TOPIC 10: Balkan politics during World War II

  • Lecture No. 19: The traditional regimes and the challenge of Nazism: Collaboration vs. resistance
  • Lecture No. 20: The traditional regimes and the challenge of Communism: Patriotism vs. opportunism

TOPIC 11: The coming of the Cold War

  • Lecture No. 21: Forging the Iron Curtain in the Balkans, 1944-1956

TOPIC 12: The Balkans in the age of bi-polar politics

  • Lecture No. 22: Balkan politics in the Cold War years
  • Lecture No. 23: Social and economic change in the Balkans

TOPIC 13: Explaining the revolutions of the 1980s

  • Lecture No. 24: The failure of Balkan Communism and the causes of the Revolutions of 1989
  • Lecture No. 25: The Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s


  • Postlogue: The Greek public debt crisis, Grexit, and the Balkan limits of “Europe”

Copyright 1996 by Steven W. Sowards


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