The Public Philosophy Journal (PPJ) offers a model for shaping digital technologies and reconfiguring relations between the academy and the general public. To accomplish this, we employ an open forum, emphasizing accessible and dynamic work focused on knowledge, deliberation, and action concerning public issues. Unlike traditional scholarly journals, we partner with existing communities to facilitate and coordinate ongoing projects across various communities and stages of development. We are not simply bringing the traditional scholarly journal online and providing public access to its contents. Instead, we are updating and expanding existing models of scholarly development, for people as well as for ideas, in order to make collective efforts that better reflect the many ends of scholarly publication.

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PPJ Learning Network Video Series

The first and second installments of the Public Philosophy Journal’s Learning Network Video Series* are currently available! Here you can learn about the mission and core values of the journal and its growing community.

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Core Values

*Topics of upcoming videos include PPJ formative peer review, PPJ style criteria, and ways to get involved. Stay tuned!

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