This space is the repository for the papers, presentations (slides, videos, etc) that will form the basis of the CSDH-SCHN 2021 online conference, to take place May 30-June 3rd.

Introduction to Network Analysis in Literary and Historical Research: Tutorial and Discussion Activity

Network analysis is widely used in many disciplines and in digital humanities research. This tutorial presents a practical introduction, focusing on how it might be employed to explore historical and literary corpora, while also fostering an interactive discussion among attendees on its broader potential uses, and especially in pandemic circumstances.

Learning objectives:

We anticipate that attendees will: 1) acquire a basic understanding of network analysis; 2) be able to take a dataset and render a visual representation of a network using it; and 3) form an idea of how they can use network analysis in their own research.


Intro (10 min.)
Hands-on learning activities (50 min.)
Interactive discussions (20 min.)
Wrap-up (10 min.)


  1. Please download Gephi here:
  2. The datasets are available on Humanities Commons in CSDH-SCHN 2021: Making the Network’s Docs, in the “Introduction to Network Analysis for Literary and Historical Research (June 1: 2:30-4:00pm) folder.

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