• Interoperability of Text and Image in the Digital Edition of the Wenceslas Bible

    Linda Beutel-Thurow, Julia Hintersteiner, Manfred Kern, Oleksii Sapov-Erlinger (see profile)
    "Encoding Cultures" Joint MEC and TEI Conference
    Bible, Middle Ages
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    Conference poster
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    Encoding Cultures - Joint MEC and TEI Conference 2023
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    Text Encoding Initiative, Music Encoding Iniative
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    Paderborn, Germany
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    September 4-8, 2023
    Digital Scholarly Edition, cultural history, Text-Image-Correlation, TEI-XML, ICONCLASS
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    The Wenceslas Bible, created for the Bohemian King Wenceslas IV. around 1390-1400, is the first largely complete German-language translation of the Hebrew Bible after the Latin Vulgate, combined with elaborate and highly valuable illustrations. Therefore, it is one of the most precious cultural heritage objects of the Austrian National Library. The Bible contains six codices (Cod. 2759-2764) with 1214 parchment leaves featuring 654 main and countless marginal miniatures. The text of the Bible translation is of the highest interest for philologist and eminently significant in terms of cultural history, as it is integrated into the religious reform movements of the 14th century and must be seen in connection with the so-called Austrian Bible translator, the work of Jan Hus but also the English Wycliffite translation. The Wenceslas Bible – Digital Edition and Analysis is a joint project of the University of Salzburg and the Austrian National Library, financed by the Federal State of Salzburg. It aims to create a TEI based edition with a focus on the investigation of the text-image correlations. As a first step, the project has launched a prototype (https://edition.onb.ac.at/wenbibel) for the book Genesis in June offering a synoptic view for transcription and the facsimile. Further parts will be published continuously, including a revised text with editorial comments as well as a description and analysis of the illustrations including their relation to the text.
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