• Evaluation of Household Solar Energy System

    Hasita Kaja (see profile)
    Solar energy, Renewable energy sources
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    Conference paper
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    ICRESD 2014 - International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
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    Trinity College of Engineering and Research, Pune
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    Pune, India
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    9th and 10th Jan, 2014
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    Solar energy is the energy derived from solar radiation. This energy, being abundant natural source can serve as a potential source of energy. So this energy is being tapped in countries like America and Europe. In India, where the received solar energy is much greater, there is a lack of awareness among common public about the use of solar energy. This paper mainly concentrates on feasibility of installing a solar powered housing system in India. The cost and the efficiency of the panels will be compared to the conventional energy costing and an optimum solution will be provided. As most of the society of India belongs to middle class and lower middle class families, a cost effective solution is a must. And due to the rising prices of conventional energy sources, the renewable energies like solar energy will play a pivotal role. This paper discusses the possibilities of installing a solar energy system for a normal house hold in Hyderabad and compares the installation capacity values with southern city of Madras.
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