• Cathars - Historical Sketch of 11th to 12th century religion + Modern literalism Dualism w/ Karen Armstrong on literalism / : Metaphors, Massacres, Martyrs, and Mary Magdalene + excerpt of the "divine feminine" Nizam - ideal of love & Ibn Arabi

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    The Cathars became a major movement, while having some influence in the Rhineland, Northern Italy and Northern France the movement was strongest in southern France (especially the Languedoc region) and northern Italy. By the 12th century the Cathar popular movement had gained a substantial following in urbanized southern France. The dualistic theology of the Cathars held that the physical world was a manifestation of evil by the demiurge Rex Mundi (king of the world) while God was entirely spiritual without any physical manifestation. The Old Testament God created the world, while the New Testament God resided in a spiritual world. The human spirit was trapped in an evil body subject to eternal reincarnation unless a person utterly rejected the world. The real essence of the story of Jesus Christ was that it is truthfully an allegory. Cathars believed Jesus Christ was an angel, a spiritual essence, without a worldly corporeal body. Souls were asexual and a man could be reincarnated as a woman as well as a woman could be reincarnated as a man. Women played a significant role in Catharism and many were among the members of the Perfecti. Perfecti practiced extreme austerity, abstaining from sexual contact and eating meat. The Perfecti were believed to have transcended the material world and become angels. Mary Magdalene played a prominent role in Catharism. Also, Cathars established group homes for women. The Cathar views on women attracted a lot of female followers.
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