• Spiritual and Religious beliefs as motivation & drive: "1. selectivity" in neuroscience; 2. religion and spirituality - meaning systems designed for social relationships 3. Gergen: "Perhaps events... necessitated God" + Prism Spirituality Paradigm

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    1. Motivation: Spiritual beliefs as a Drive or Motivation. When you talk to "spiritual people" - spiritual beliefs are not just a motivation but a very profound source of inspiration and a powerful drive. In contrast spirituality as a motivation is conspicuously absent from much of academia proper. Beginning in 2017, I did substantial research. Specifically, an important area of interest was idealism – as in Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr (both of who were very spiritual) not to mention Moses or Isaiah or the numerous old testament prophets who spoke out about injustice. a scholar of religious had not heard of any as well S. Schindler, Dr. Wong, Dr Emmons, Dr. Park, etc. In the five psychology of religion textbooks I have, there was no mention of spiritual or religious beliefs as a motivation or drive. I messaged five ‘official’ anthropology professors engaged at the time in a discussion that question and got no response. Spiritual and religious beliefs as a drive and motivation is self-evident in light of thousands of years of spiritual and religious beliefs – not to mention millions and millions of churches and temples. To get Gobekli Tepe built there had to have been motivation.
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