• Jeremiah the Prophet - Prophecy as Force, "Community" and "social consciousness" + three stage Paradigm for prophecy & prophecy as social consciousness - in light of Barton's article on influence of Jeremiah-exile with a flower to fruit metaphor

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    George Barton, PhD: “Disaster and sorrow compel either a soul or a nation to seek anew the foundations of life. Times of sorrow are accordingly times of religious growth. The Babylonian exile was no exception. Indeed, the influence of this exile upon the religion of Israel was enormous. This was in part due to the fact that the exile was the external event necessary to crystallize the results of prophetic influences which had been at work for a long time, but it was also in part due to the deepening and clarifying of religious perception which disaster and sorrow bring.” “The influence of the Babylonian exile is discernible in three great realms of life: (i) in the apprehension of religious truth; (2) in the outward organization of the religious life; and (3) in the standards of public morals. We shall endeavor briefly to treat each of these points, but before doing so a few words are necessary with reference to the nature of the exile it." (INFLUENCE OF THE BABYLONIAN EXILE ON THE RELIGION OF ISRAEL, PROFESSOR GEORGE A. BARTON, PH.D.) So, here Barton, who echoes a number of scholars clearly, and clearly states that Jeremiah's prophecy - combined with the suffering and pain of the Exile, did beneficially change the theology and worldview of Judaism. A very salient point
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