• Supporting the Health and Return of Locally Produced Traditional Foods Among Michigan Tribal Communities

    Jessica Barnes-Najor, Rosebud Bear Schneider, Robert Fillmore, Jessica Saucedo
    MSU EDA University Center: Regional Economic Innovation
    Indigenous peoples--Food, Michigan, Tribes, Food sovereignty
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    This pilot project will expand the work of Wiba Anung, a partnership between the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan and representatives from Michigan State University (MSU). The MSU representatives, Dr. Barnes-Najor and Ms. Saucedo, will lead the research effort in partnership with Mrs. Schulte, Ms. Cameron, and Mrs. Martin from ITC-MI. With the support of this grant, Ms. Saucedo will conduct a Photovoice project to explore community members perceptions of how colonization has disrupted Native food systems, how these disruptions have contributed to economic and health disparities, and how tribes could support a return to locally produced and traditional foods. Using a framework developed in partnership with colleagues at MSU (K. Isaacs & C. Wentworth Fournier), the Wiba Anung team will examine local issues related to the intersections of social, economic, food, and health inequities from the lens of tribal members using Photovoice methodology. In addition to this conceptual framework, the proposed project is grounded in community-based participatory research (CBPR) and Tribal-Participatory Research (TPR). CBPR is defined as “systematic inquiry with the participation of those affected by an issue to education and action for social change” (Minkler & Wallerstein, 2003). TPR is similar in concept, but more clearly describes the process of co-generation of knowledge with Native communities (Fisher and Ball, 2003). TPR also recognizes the unique nature of conducting research in sovereign nations within the U.S. borders. These participatory processes allow for unexplored economic and health topics to be conducted in collaboration with Native communities.
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