• Creating Linked Data with Wikibase.Cloud: Evans-Tibbs Archive Wikibase Project

    Soo Bae (see profile)
    Sarah Osborne Bender, Emily Sawyer, Anna Tomlinson
    Linked data, Metadata, Cataloging, Cultural pluralism, African American art, Libraries--Special collections
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    Conference poster
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    2023: 51st ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
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    Art Libraries Society of North America
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    Mexico City, Mexico
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    April 18 - 21, 2023
    2023 ARLIS/NA Conference, Linked Data, african american artists
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    The National Gallery of Art has been promoting greater diversity in its collections and exhibitions. As part of its efforts, the Gallery’s Library has launched a Wikibase project to increase visibility, connectivity, and accessibility of African American artists and related art information using Wikibase.cloud. Wikibase.cloud, a localized version of Wikidata, provides a free cloud-based platform for managing Linked Open Data. The main goal of the project is to set up an instance of Wikibase in Wikibase.cloud and test this tool for creating, managing, and accessing the information created across and managed within the departments of the Gallery. We, the project team, create Wikibase items to describe the characteristics of African American artists in the library’s Evans-Tibbs Archive and related art information such as their artwork and exhibition histories. Wikibase helps to link artists and their related art information which allows users to search and access information in a more efficient way. Since Wikibase employs linked data structures, we examine the potential for Wikibase or Linked Data applications on the Library’s named entity management and to connect information that we do not have a way to connect otherwise. This poster presentation will provide the data models, workflows, and tools we used and the challenges/lessons we learned over the course of this project.
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