• Collections as a Term of Art: User Experience Research and Design for Collections on UCLA Library’s New Website

    Dianne Weinthal (see profile)
    Library materials, Web sites--Design
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    Conference poster
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    51st Annual Conference
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    Mexico City, MX
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    April 18-21, 2023
    user experience, Digitization and Digital Collections, design thinking
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    Institutional collections are undergoing a rapid redefinition in the pandemic era to meet the needs of researchers for remote, in-person, and hybrid access for an increasing number of resource types. What is or is not a collection? “Collections” is a term of art – its meaning will shift as the resources and ways in which we interact with them expand. Physical books and their digitized counterparts, unique archival items, subscription databases, streaming services, multimedia assets, datasets, and repositories are just a few of the resources under this umbrella. Designing for researchers’ evolving needs is crucial, but has yet to be addressed in the academic library space with both access and exploration in mind. This poster presents a case study to represent Collections on a library’s new website, and to frame Collections as both a means to access materials and to inspire visual exploration. UCLA Library’s Software Development and Library Systems, User Experience team outlines the UX research methodologies undertaken; describes the design process; and presents the resulting visual display alongside the information architecture for the concept of Collections on the UCLA Library website. This project is contextualized within a larger website redesign that creates a visual design system and scaled approach for future work, including UCLA’s Film & Television Archive website redesign coming in the next year.
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