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    Steve Bice, Anna Ruth Gatlin (see profile)
    Research, Learning and scholarship, Embroidery, Textile fabrics
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    This meta creative scholarship (CS) project explores the problematic positioning of CS within the academic realm and engages action research techniques in order to generate new data that may inform an updated definition of creative scholarship in interior design. The functional QR code links to a survey about involvement with, and attitudes about, CS and examines academic discussions of the value, relevance, and definition of creative scholarship through the metaphor of a throw pillow. The design is executed in black and white embroidery on a standard rigid, open weave embroidery ground. Six-strand embroidery floss is woven into the ground using a continental needlepoint stitch at 16 stitches per linear inch to form an 11”x11” design consisting of 13,976 individual stitches that form a QR code. The creative process–from conception to completion–occurred over an 8-month period. The process began with concept development, then a period of iterative trial-and-error finding the right ground and scaling the pattern by transferring the QR code to grid paper and then testing the gauge of the needlework to achieve the desired result. Execution of the needlework took about 58 hours. This meta-CS work adapts Adam’s model of soliciting multiple perspectives in order to arrive at a common definition of creative scholarship practice and its value within the academic setting (2004), and will add a layer to this mixed-methods approach in which creative scholarship and ‘traditional’ scholarship blend to enhance one another to enhance the body of knowledge surrounding CS. The high-tech, high-touch approach of this meta-CS project marries traditional needlework techniques and contemporary informatics, challenging scholars to think beyond the limits of hand or digital media and to imagine new futures where there is no division between the real world and the digital world, or between creative scholarship and data-driven scholarship.
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